Juraj Sarinay Dr. sc. EPFL


I have a PhD in cryptology from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). I worked as a researcher at EPFL’s Laboratory for Cryptologic Algorithms, specialising in hash functions whose security can be linked to the mathematics of public-key cryptography. I have a Master’s degree in mathematics.

I can design cryptographic systems and assess the security of new and existing designs.


At AdNovum, the software and security engineering company, I developed security software for Swiss banks and government bodies. This tailored solution secures web applications, provides user sign-on and identity management, and filters and encrypts content.

I am practised at protecting web applications where security expectations are high. My code is reliable, stable and secure.

Virus Hunter

At ESET, an IT security company, I worked on antivirus software protecting millions of computers. I analysed thousands of suspicious programs in the virus laboratory and created detection signatures to identify viruses and other malicious software.

I am a skilled reverse engineer, fully familiar with cyber threats. I understand antivirus technology and know its power and limitations.